The Jazz Vocalist’s Workshop

The Jazz Vocalist's Workshop is where people experiment with their own interpretation of what it is to sing in the style of a jazz vocalist. At the workshop, we develop your ability to alter melody, phrasing (note placement), rhythmic feel, and how to deliver a lyric with your own natural and unique expression. Conducted in groups and led by experienced vocal coaches, the workshop is a highly interactive and fun learning environment. To begin with students choose a song to perform which means having memorised the melody and lyrics, they are then taught how to communicate to a live band the tempo and rhythmic feel and then "perform" their song. Afterwards they are given feedback and tips by the group before having additional coaching from the workshop leader. Our commitment is to be authentic with students and to support them in creating jazz in their own way. Whether you are a beginner or experienced vocalist the approach is designed to be direct and appropriate to each individual's ability.

Additional subjects covered: basic music theory, stage craft, repertoire selection, professional conduct, and how to effectively lead a live band.
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Referrals from past and present students:
"The Jazz Vocalist's Workshop provided me with a constructive and encouraging environment to hone my skills as a jazz vocalist. They always offer students useful ideas and invaluable knowledge!" - Jackie Y, Masters of Music with an emphasis in vocal jazz performance, University of Texas

"I just want to say a big thank you, Pete, for leading me to the journey of jazz singing. You've brought to the workshop with your profound knowledge and many years of experience in jazz singing. You have an innate ability to inspire and motivate vocal students. I recently had my first gig. I no longer had the fright or to prove myself but more focused to connect with the audience. You're indeed my greatest mentor on jazz singing." - Lucas L, Regional Sales Manager

Anyone can claim to be a singer but not every singer is aware of what it takes to be a performer.  Pete is most generous with his time and wealth of experience as a jazz vocalist which he shares freely in the workshop. The process has brought so much freedom to the way I can interpret and dissect a song. Karen L. Communications Consultant

The jazz vocalist workshop has been the most profound experience on my journey to become a jazz vocalist. Pete has managed to bring the jazz vocalist out of me and I am so grateful for his many lessons. His lifelong experience with music and his generosity in sharing his thoughts, techniques and opinions has created a unique opportunity in Hong Kong for jazz vocalists. The workshop is a safe place where we can improve our performance skills, be vulnerable, encouraged and not judged. Pete has been great in creating an environment where we are supported by our peers to continue our personal journey with the development of our musical skills. Isabelle D, Author.