“Whether I’m singing or playing flute, the music must swing and each note carry all the intensity and purpose I can muster. I’m not interested in the latest fashion, trends and fads. I believe that music performed with authenticity and joy is timeless and has a compulsion about it that sets it above all other art forms.”

Pete Kelly

From my second gig in 2014 at Peel Fresco after the demise of Joyce is not here.

Two and a half years of working with some of the best pianists in Asia. Wow!

A short lived but very sweet residency at Picnic in Kennedy Town.

I mean it too. One of the greatest music venues I've ever worked in.

Working in a restaurant with a Michelin star brings its own joys.

Another Visage One gig with fellow Australian Cameron Jones and local legend Chung. From 2015.

My good friend and bassist, Sebastian Meyer.

From Visage One February 2014.

I still think this is true.

Love, love, love this combination. From 2016.

With Costel Pascu at a private function in Hong Kong 2016. Costel is one of the most gentle and knowledgeable musicians I have ever been honoured to work with.

Gotta love Gecko for its ambience and taste in musicians, July 2017.

My serious side at STUDIO in 2017.

Name in lights and after only 25 years into my career, yippee!!!

With one of the students from the Jazz Vocalist's Workshop.

Private Function for an awards night.

At Cafe Deco.

Post Jazz Vocalist's Workshop concert.

Trio gig at Joyce is not here, March 2013

First gig at Peel Fresco, April 2014

Two people who saw in me what I did not. Beverly and Freddie Wilson.

Austcham Australia Day Lunch at Island Shangri la Hong Kong Pic Jayne Russell +852 9757 8607. Date-25.01.2013.

With the amazing Ron Lempke, iconic Australian jazz drummer, February 2014

Taken at Visage One 16/9/17

Flyer for 1563 gig October 2017

From my Thursday night residency at the very cool STUDIO.