“Jazz can only happen when the performer is present and wholly occupied by the moment, balancing their inner conviction and drive with the requirements of the music. It takes listening deeply to everything in the room and allowing their intuition and sense of taste to respond. That’s what gives life to the music and keeps it relevant”

Pete Kelly

Swinging hits and evocative torch songs from the great American songbook as well as many legendary compositions from Brazil, Latin-America and other places.


Available for bookings with a broad range of live accompaniment – from a duo with pianist or guitar to a full rhythm section (piano or guitar, bass and drums) and beyond. Pete learnt his craft entertaining audiences in bars, clubs, restaurants, and live music venues in his native Sydney, Australia, before establishing himself on the music scene in Hong Kong as a sophisticated performer and highly-organised bandleader for the lively restaurant and club circuit. Now based in London, he is interested in bookings and working with venues looking to develop a jazz audience. To book Pete go here.