Why jazz?

“There are more ideas about what jazz is than there are people playing it” Anon

Jazz is, for me, the most exciting and creative genre of music a musician can ever serve an audience. From wildly swinging syncopations and softly drawn ballads to the pulsating rhythm of Brazilian and Latin American music, jazz encompasses limitless ideas and possibilities.

Bringing together the potent rhythms and traditions of Africa with European harmonic concepts, jazz has overseen the birth of soul, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, even today's hip-hop and rappers borrow heavily from it, in fact every modern form of music has been touched by it.

From the beginning of last century to more modern times the hauntingly beautiful compositions of George Gershwin and Duke Ellington, Neil Hefti and Horace Silver, Sergio Mendes and Antonio Carlos Jobim, all wonderful composers offering a musician a dynamic and fluid backdrop on which they can call forth any mood they wish to evoke in that particular moment. I love the vast repertoire  and presenting material the audience can identify as well as experience something new.

“On stage I temper my inner conviction and drive with understatement and subtlety. These are the qualities that bring elegance and refinement to the music whilst retaining the underlying passion”