Jazz is…

“There are more ideas about what jazz is than there are people playing it” Anon

Jazz is, for me, a way of creating almost any song as a conversation with an audience that reflects the life of the individual. Great musicians create moments where they weave their story into a song in a very personal, expressive and authentic way.

So, what is the basis of this conversation? Well, it starts with the songs themselves. Great composers like Jerome Kern and Duke Ellington, Ray Charles and Sam Cooke, Lennon & McCartney, Sergio Mendes and Antonio Carlos Jobim have given us beautifully crafted songs that offer a musician a dynamic and fluid backdrop onto which they can shape any statement they wish to make in that particular moment. I love presenting material the audience can identify with and along the way experience something new.

“On stage I strive to temper my inner conviction and drive with understatement and subtlety. These are the qualities that bring elegance and refinement to the music whilst retaining the underlying passion”