All that jazz

“There are more ideas about what jazz is than there are people playing it” Anon

Don't get me wrong, I love the music of Ray Charles, Steve Wonder, and Sam Cooke, so R&B, soul and the blues are very cool and yet it is in jazz I am really at home. Jazz, for me, is the most exciting and creative genre of music a musician can ever serve an audience. From its wildly swinging syncopations and softly drawn ballads to the pulsating rhythms of Brazilian and Latin American music, jazz encompasses limitless ideas and possibilities.

In the end it is the beauty of live music with its intimacy, majesty, and endless variation that reaches out and makes wonderful things possible. Great musicians bring to the room a "mood", reflecting whatever emotion they are looking to convey. Be it a refined, sophisticated approach or a more raw, volatile presence, the art of live music is one that unites us all.

“On stage I balance my inner conviction and drive with understatement and subtlety. This "art" is what brings the qualities of elegance and refinement to the music whilst retaining the underlying passion”